6 12, 2020

Confetti Cookie Dough Cake


Perfect for parties! This cake features confetti cake baked by our friends at Konrad's Bakery in Lakewood, IL. We layer it with vanilla custard, whipped cream, and our very own made-in-house confetti cookie dough sprinkled on top. There is room on top to write a message. Enjoy our newest and tallest cake yet.

Confetti Cookie Dough Cake2020-12-06T13:39:39+00:00
20 11, 2020

Classic Birthday Cake


We have been making this cake since 1985! It is layers of cake, hot fudge, and custard that will make any birthday very special. We then frost it in vanilla custard and top it off with whipped cream and cherries. Inscription friendly.

Classic Birthday Cake2020-11-20T09:39:17+00:00
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